IIKDS University of Traditional Sciences

Spirits of the Elements in Nature

shrineinAfricaThese courses assist the student in identifying, developing, observing and connecting with spirits of the elements in nature. Students will be initiated into the mind and personalities of the elements of fire, water and/or earth through the creation of shrines and spiritual tools specific to each element. By building a relationship with these elements, the aim is to develop one’s self spiritually, to enhance one’s psychic abilities, intuition, clairvoyance, and gain spiritual powers that are often seen as supernatural and magical.

These courses are to be taken in sequential order, meaning students begin with the 100 course and progress to the next level.  The related Timm & Bukataa formulations courses may be taken in any order.

SEN100: Initiation into Nature

SEN111: Initiation into the Element of Water (Mami Wata).

SEN111A: Talismans/Amulets/Charms
SEN111B: Topical Formulations (Oils, Perfumes, Pomade, Soaps)
SEN111C: Figurines & Fetishes
SEN111D: Aromatic Formulations (Incense)

SEN112: Initiation into the Element of Earth (Dwarfs, Ghosts)

SEN112A: Talismans/Amulets/Charms
SEN112B: Topical Formulations (Oils, Perfumes, Pomade, Soaps)
SEN112C: Figurines & Fetishes
SEN112D: Aromatic Formulations (Incense)

SEN113: Initiation into the Element of Fire/Air (Genies)

SEN113A: Talismans/Amulets/Charms
SEN113B: Topical Formulations (Oils & Perfumes)
SEN113C: Figurines & Fetishes
SEN113D: Aromatic Formulations (Incense)




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