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IIKDS University of Traditional Sciences:
Graduate Studies Program

IIKDS Graduate Studies Program at the University of Traditional Sciences offers state of the art distance learning training accessible via the internet as well as through personal instruction from IIKDS elders accompanied by spiritual materials and supplies delivered via postal mail.

And, for the first time, IIKDS will train and initiate a select group of people into the NATURE IDENTITY METHOD™ as practiced for thousands of years by the Nabihi (royals), the Baga-Na (chief diviners/soothsayers ), the Jinwaraba (queens of witches)  and the Tindan-Na (chief  landlords) of the kingdom of Dagbon.

elementsTimmBukataaIIKDS has the reputation of being the FIRST school of traditional spiritual science and indigenous knowledge of its kind, featuring indigneous spiritual practices, traditional herbal studies and the traditional healing systems practiced by the Dagomba people in the northern regions of Ghana, indigneous people of south and North America, and Southern African-American root systems.  The IIKDS Graduate Studies Program at the University of Traditional Sciences has set new standards in the field of traditional West African, aboriginal, and the original southern African American root sciences that other teachers have yet to achieve.

IIKDS graduates will have a legacy of knowledge passed down from ancient bloodlines of priests/priestess,  healers, and spiritual  elders from the IIKDS network in West Africa, further validating the authenticity of the education in the IIKDS Graduate Studies Program.
—Chief Amachi

IIKDS Graduate Studies Program at the University of Traditional Sciences is the first to see a real need for a structured educational path in the areas of traditional spiritual medicine. IIKDS is also dedicated to the continual research and development of new courses in the field of indigenous African, aboriginal, and original southern African American root sciences. IIKDS continually expands the research and development of indigenous studies as the emerging demand for spiritual care and quality education continues to expand, evolve and grow.

As a graduate of IIKDS Graduate Studies Program at the University of Traditional Sciences, you will have credible credentials behind your name, as a Certified Traditional Spiritual Care Specialist (CTSCP). 

With a graduate certificate from  IIKDS University of Traditional Sciences you will:

    • Elevate your status as a true professional in the field of traditional medicine and spiritual care. In addition, it sets you apart from other spiritual practitioners who have not taken the time to receive an education from authentic traditionalist.
    • Qualify you for membership into the International Association of Traditional Sciences, which is a network of fetish priests and priestesses, healers, teachers and elders in West Africa who provide support to IIKDS members. You will have exclusive access to hundreds of powerful traditional medicine men and women.
    • Gain access to thousands of spiritual medicines, spiritual tools and fetishes personally crafted by Chief Amachi and elders in the International Association of Traditional Sciences.
    • Have the opportunity to create supplemental income by offering spiritual medicines, spiritual tools and fetishes to your community which are available exclusively to affiliate members of IIKDS.
    • Establish the validity of an authentic education in traditional science as many of our graduate courses are taught by specialists in the IIKDS network in West Africa who are authorities in specific fields of spiritual medicine.
    • Qualify to apply for a Facilitator’s License, allowing you to create community chapters of IIKDS to develop, educate and service your local community with spiritual care.


What You Will Learn

The Master’s Program is your entry into becoming a credible traditional practitioner. You will learn advanced diagnostic (divination) techniques; gain powerful spiritual tools to work with clients; be initiated into various indigenous spiritual methodologies.

You will be equipped with the knowledge to service clients as a diagnostician/diviner; lead them through ritual protocols, with the ability to extend advanced spiritual tools and medicines as a member of IIKDS and the International Association of Traditional Sciences.

The curriculum features traditional spiritual concepts and methods used by thousands of traditionalists, spiritual elders, and priest and priestess and teachers from West African tradition of Timm and Bukata. Timm: traditional medicine and magic and spirit of protection and the world soul and spirit powers of the earth.

The Master’s Program is designed to give students a well-rounded education in all areas of traditional medicine. As a graduate, you will be more effective in your own spiritual work, or as a practitioner, healer, priest or priestess, teacher or leader. Our curriculum is very unique and cannot be substituted with other types of traditional training.

The Master’s Certificate is completed in 4 quarterly sessions and takes a minimum of one year, requiring 120 credits of study.  Once you have completed the master’s level lessons and passed the Master’s Culminating Project, you are eligible to receive this certificate.

The Courses

The courses include:

  • structured learning materials delivered via web, audio and video
  • extensive spiritual supplies and tools delivered to you
  • self-guided collection of ritual supplies in nature on your own
  • private discussion forum to interact with other students and instructor.

Course Components

Timm and Bukataa and cultural anthropology
Nature identity and spiritual geological studies
Nature identity and spiritual ecological studies
Nature identity and integral methodology
The components of spirit communication theory
Diagnostic Methodologies


Master’s Culminating Project

Each student must undertake a final demonstration of competence with a Master’s Culminating Project.Depending upon the student’s specialization and preferences, this may be accomplished through a variety of project options. The culminating experience is intended to provide the opportunity for students to address a concern within their community or a personal interest that draws from their training experience. It provides students with the opportunity to apply, integrate and synthesize knowledge and experience obtained during their graduate course of study to a question or problem of relevance to the community at large.

The project calls the student to take full initiative in developing a project design, implementing and evaluating the project, and preparing a report, either in audio, video or written format. The purpose of the project is to demonstrate competencies in planning, guiding, evaluating  and reporting on a significant ministry event in which the student integrates personhood, theory and skills.

Post Graduate Specialties: Priesthood

The Post Graduate level of study picks up where the Master’s leaves off, taking students into deeper levels of teaching and practice of traditional methodologies. Post Graduate Specialties allow students to align with a specialty house as trained priests, priestesses and spiritual care practitioners, dedicated to the study, preservation, development, and transmission of Timm and Bukataa – “traditional medicine magic” and “the world soul and spirit powers of the earth.”

The specialty houses are as follows:

the house of fire Wunies
the house of earth Wunies
the house of water Wunies
the house of air Wunies.

The fifth house consists of practitioner priests and priestesses of all five elements – the chief Booglan-na and Booglanna Paga known as the “the controller of the gods”.

Each specialty house is comprised of three levels:

Tin-Be-Hi and Tin-Be-Hi Paga – children of the land
Tin-Dan-Na and Tin Dan-Na Paga – land lords, land priests or land kings and queens ( ones who collect the medicine)
Boog-lan-na and Boog-Lan-Na-Paga – controllers of the gods.

More details regarding the post graduate program will be given to Master’s program graduates.


This level of membership is available post graduate students who opt to become Licensed Facilitators. A Facilitator’s License allows graduates to create community chapters of IIKDS to develop, educate and service their local community with spiritual care. Facilitators receive personal level of support, deeper level of discounts from the IIKDS marketplace, client referrals and other outreach and practice-building support. 


Financial Obligations

Tuition  for EACH quarter of the Master’s Certification Program. $3,500.

This is all-inclusive fee which includes:

  • Student Activity Fee (covers access to student center, private group, chat room and communication tools)
  • Live lectures and lecture archives for reference
  • All online study material
  • All online exams and assignments
  • Shipping and handling of spiritual supplies to each student
  • Personal instructor support and mentoring
  • Spiritual tools including personal shrine, spiritual baths, talismans, spiritual incense and more

If taken separately or as an individual apprentice outside of the University setting, each quarter would be valued over $10,000.00!

Trip to Ghana. The Quarter that includes the trip to Ghana, the tuition is $4,000.

(Note that expenses for the trip including airfare, ground transportation, room and board, personal rituals/divinations with elders are not included).

Application Fee, $75. Payable by applicants who do NOT meet the entry requirements above. One-time, non-refundable fee due at enrollment.

Graduate Certificate, $250. Includes evaluation of Master’s Culminating Project, graduation ceremony and hard copy of certificate.

Annual Association Membership Fee, $500. Access to the International Association of Traditional Healers for students, graduates and qualified practitioners.

Post Graduate Certification. TBD. 


How to Enter the Master’s Program

To enter the Graduate Studies program, students should have either of the following:

1. Completed at least two (2) Elective Courses.  Prospective students may enroll in the Masters Program upon completion of at least 2 courses from the Department of Ancestral & Spirit Communication, Nature Identity or Divination. These courses offer valuable introduction while laying the foundation for more advanced studies.

2. Participated in the Trip to Africa. Prospective students may begin their journey into the Master’s program with the trip to Ghana. Once enrolled in the trip, students will be automatically enrolled in the Master’s Program. Ideally however, Master’s students are encouraged to take at least two (2) elective courses as above.


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