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Components of Spirit Communication

elderThese courses feature the basic components of spirit communication, through dreams, direct observation and divination methods. Communication is essentially a process by which information is exchanged between parties through a system of symbols, signs, or behavior. Students will be initiated into the world of dreams from a traditionalist perspective as well as learn how to connect with the abilities, powers, characteristics and personality traits that exist within their family lineage, whose true origins rest in nature.

The goal of learning the science of spirit communication is to develop a healthy and effective method of communication with spirit and nature. This in turn builds a bridge between the ordinary and supernatural, allowing the student to develop them self spiritually, enhance their psychic abilities, intuition, clairvoyance, and gain spiritual powers that are often seen as supernatural and magical.

These courses are to be taken in sequential order, meaning students begin with the 100 course and progress to the next level. The related Spiritual Tools courses may be taken in any order.

CSC100: Becoming a Dream Warrior (ongoing course with open enrollment)

CSC111: Ancestral Communication

CSC111A: Talismans/Amulets/Charms
CSC111B: Topical Formulations (Oils & Perfumes)
CSC111C: Figurines & Fetishes
CSC111D: Aromatic Formulations (Incense)


These courses initiate the student into traditional “diagnostic” techniques as a part of spirit communication. In traditional spirituality, diagnosis is the identification of the nature and cause of a certain negative situations and imbalances to determine their “cause and effect”. The goal of divination is to determine the causes of various imbalances in a person’s life and mitigate their impact by providing effective traditional solutions. Students will learn various methods and tools to communicate with ancestors & the Wunonam (gods of the ancestors in nature).

These courses are to be taken in sequential order, meaning students begin with the 101 course and progress to the next level.

CSC101: Crab
CSC102: Herb/Bush
CSC103: Mami Wata

Note: during the divination training, students will be required to perform live readings on the Village platform.





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