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IIKDS University of Traditional Sciences offers state of the art distance learning training in traditional science, accessible via the internet as well as through personal instruction from IIKDS elders accompanied by spiritual materials and supplies delivered via postal mail.

IIKDS is the first to see a real need for a structured educational path in the areas of traditional spiritual medicine. IIKDS is also dedicated to the continual research and development of new courses in the field of indigenous African, aboriginal, and original southern African American root sciences. IIKDS continually expands the research and development of indigenous studies as the emerging demand for spiritual care and quality education continues to expand, evolve and grow.

The courses include:

  • Live Teleconference to prepare students for the course
  • Ceremonial rituals
  • Live lectures and discussions with Chief Amachi
  • Personal mentorship with each student throughout the course
  • Journaling and group discussions in the private student forum
  • Creation personal shrines and/or spiritual tools crafted from natural and organic materials.


The Elective Courses (undergraduate) fall under distinct categories and, for the most part, include an initiatory experience to introduce students to specific spiritual powers and abilities in order to develop a working relationship with nature.

Several Electives may be taken as separate pathways leading to a Practitioner’s Certificate in Spiritual Care, and they also provide a solid foundation for the Master’s Certificate. Students may earn a Practitioner’s Certificate by completing the courses in the category.

Most of our courses are structured in a sequential format, meaning there are prerequisites to certain courses that must be taken first. Each course is coded with letters and numbers, eg. CSC100. The numbers indicate the level of each course, and a course coded with the number “100” means it is a prerequisite to other courses in that category. Courses that are extensions of another course, are coded with a letter at the end of the course code. eg. CSC111A. What this means is that CSC111 is a prerequisite as it has required components needed for the extension courses.


The following categories of courses are open to all students, including students pursuing the Master’s Studies Program. Browse the course listings and please be sure to observe any prerequisites before enrolling in a class. Also, check the University Calendar  for course start dates.

Graduate Studies Program

These Electives lead to a Practitioner’s Certificate:

Components of Spirit Communication 

 Spirits of the Elements in Nature

General Electives

Timm & Bukataa Formulations

Community Rituals – coming soon!

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