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The Chain of Ancestral Connection

by Chief Amachi Apetor Buaru

You probably know of someone in your family or lineage who has (or had) strong spiritual or psychic abilities. According to the science of Timm & Bukaata and Nature Identity, these family members are caretakers of the family’s star, traditionally known as the Noliwuni (personal god).

The characteristics of these caretakers are usually identified by their prominent psychic abilities and/or spiritual powers, which they obtain from their connection (oftentimes unknowingly) to their ancestors and the gods of your ancestors in nature, the Wunonam. According to the traditional lore of the Dagombas of northern Ghana, the star or personal god (Noliwuni) is the root of the spiritual powers and supernatural abilities of a family line.

As a Tindanna-Na (Chief land lord of the spirits and herbalist), we see our connection to the ancestors as a great chain that links each one of us from mother to father, grandmother/ grandfather to great-grandmother and great grandfather – all the way back to the family star and nature itself. And, even further to the Wunonam, the gods of our ancestors in nature. The Wunonam are the mothers and fathers of the personal gods that lie hidden in flesh and blood beings, and who are only seen physically through so-called supernatural characteristics, traits and personality types.

Understanding Your Ancestral Connection

Your ancestors exist in many in different realities. First, they exist physically inside your family lineage (blood and genes). Your bloodline and genetics connect you to your ancestors, to those who have gone before regardless of your ethnicity. Secondly, your ancestors exist in the spiritual world in and around you. Thirdly, they exist within the hidden subdivisions of nature and in between moments that connect to the fabric of our realities. This is why our ancestors can so easily influence our affairs.

One way to visualize your ancestral connection is to observe nature. Let’s take the tree for example. If you are a branch or a leaf on the tree, your ancestors are the roots. As the root of your tree, your ancestors provide a link back to your original source – the earth. It is the land, the spirit powers and the soul of the earth which is the home of your star or soul seed, or what is traditionally known to the Dagombas as your Noliwuni (your personal god or spiritual blueprint in nature). Your Noliwuni is rooted in the land and natural environment around the planet and beyond.

To understand your star and its connection to the earth, to you and your ancestry, imagine a wheel spinning very rapidly. As the wheel moves faster and faster, the spokes on the wheel begin to appear stationary. However, we know they are not. They are in fact moving so fast they are able to occupy more than one place at a time. Your ancestry , the Wunonam, your star, even natural landscapes and land forms such as rivers, mountains, forests, etc. are also said in traditional lore to be moving so fast that they too are able to occupy more than one place at a time including the space within your being, while at the same time existing and appearing to be stationary to the human eye.

Our grandfather and grandmothers (the NYABA) teach that we are all children of the land, that we are all children of nature. Your ancestors therefore, connect you to the world soul and spiritual powers of the earth and the spiritual components of yourself that exist in nature. Moreover, the ancestral teachings of Timm and Bukata ( Timm = roots herbs, traditional medicine, magic; Bukata = the world soul and spirit powers of the Earth) and Nature Identity teaches that the secrets to many of our abilities, powers and characteristics, psychic powers and personality traits originate from nature.

This is the reason why calling on your ancestors is the first step to developing a connection to nature and the spiritual abilities/powers of your family star and the characteristics and personality traits of nature. When you call on your ancestors you begin to tap into the roots of your family tree – the gifts, traits, spiritual powers and abilities which your ancestors developed from their connection to nature.

As the roots of the tree, your Ancestors draw the spiritual nutrients from the land and from nature, providing what we call IN-formation, which is knowledge extending into the realms of the spiritual, and OUT-formation or knowledge outside of the commonly known and into the unknown of nature.

This chain of ancestral connection and communication is a fundamental aspect of the traditional practice of Nature Identity. And, through the understanding of Timm and Bukaata and Nature Identity, you can graft the characteristics, spiritual powers of your STAR (Noliwuni or personal god) that presides within your family lineage and the personality traits of the life and minds of nature to yourself.  In so doing, you can begin to experience what is oftentimes considered to be supernatural abilities.

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February 20, 2015

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