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Testimonial 6

I have two houses that were in danger of foreclosure. I went to IKS to for spiritual guidance because I had a dream I was walking in the grass toward my house with my lawyer. As I got closer to my house I noticed two white doves in the grass. I had no idea what that meant so I went straight to Amachi. He told me about a spirit that likes the white doves and that this was the spirits way of coming to me. My lawyer has been working on my case (preventing foreclosure) for over three years now and as of recently lacked focus when I needed it most.

From the moment I got the spirits I noticed them at work. The next day I received a phone call about house 1. The court date had been rescheduled for three weeks later with a completely different judge. However, I had to ask myself what were the odds of this court date being moved to the same date as the auction date for house #2 (I live in house #2). How could I be at two places at once?
So I called Amachi and he suggested we speak to the elders.

That night I dreamed I was in the town of house #2. I was lead to the highest point by a dog. When I arrived to the highest point a huge tsunami hit the area. This was a sign of the elder spirits arrival. The next morning, I received a call from my wife who was at house 2. As we were on the phone she suddenly noticed a thunderstorm cast darkness over the mountain, rain came pouring down, but only over the mountain where we live and she could see past the storm. Within minutes the storm stopped, the sky cleared and the sun was back out. This was another sign of the spirits arrival.

Two days later, I went to court for house #1 and my wife went to the auction for house # 2. That day she found out, our house had been removed from the auction list the day before the sale, and postponed for three months. Just that previous Friday the request to stay the sale had been denied by the court. This miraculous postponement gives my lawyer plenty of time to finalize my case.

When I got to court, I watched four people lose their homes by the same lawyer and judge I would have to litigate. When it was my turn to litigate the lawyer’s paperwork and speech was very chaotic and confused. He was flustered, sweating and turned beet red. The whole courtroom was giggling, smirking and some outright laughing at him. The judge was quickly frustrated with the lawyer and very helpful to me. The judge demanded the lawyer bring his client (the Bank directors/officers) in for questioning because of the lawyers inability to answer any of the judges questions. This means the CEO of an international bank would have to come into court and answer the questions of a young black man for a house worth 150,000 dollars.

This my friends is never going to happen. After court was over the lawyer was obviously still possessed by the spirit because he came to me and told me the next legal action he was going to take against me. So, I went that same day and filed that same action against him, which I had already prepared a week in advance.




J. B. Saylorsburg Client

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