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Student Review (Becoming a Dream Warrior)

My experience in the Dream Warriors’ class had been nothing short of phenomenal.

It has been eye opening and very spiritually rewarding. This course has taught me that dreaming, and what a lot of people refer to as coincidences, are so much more than something we do haphazardly in our everyday life. Through the power of ritual, the synchronicity of our waking life and the dreamworld are both intertwined. Through signs, symbols, and direct communication, the dreamworld is a place in which our ancestors and the Gods of our ancestors can commune with us, give us instruction, glimpses of the past, premonitions of the future and so much more. Profound insight to my inner self is what it has given me most of all.

Being exposed to this aspect of the tradition of Timma  and Bukaata, I’ve learned through first hand experience that spirits are very REAL. I’ve experienced things in the dreamworld that have carried over into my waking life. I’ve gained a TRUE faith which is a KNOWING that I never could’ve gotten through just the reading of literature on the subject matter. There comes a point in time where you must get your hands dirty and get some instruction from someone with experience and expertise. That being said, Chief Amachi’s direction and hands on training have been pivotal in my positive experience in this class. His ability to explain things with clarity and patience have made all they difference in the world.

I have also thoroughly enjoyed reading the various experiences of my classmates (Fire Mountain Group). I’ve learned that spirit deals with different people in different ways. Looking at other people’s spiritual experiences can serve to put your own in perspective.
I look forward to continuing this walk learning more of the tradition of Timm and Bukata, taking future online classes, going to outings, and taking full advantage of what IIKDS has to offer.

I can say that I have truly found a home in this tradition. My ultimate goal is to dedicate my life to helping others by way of this science.

My Noliwuni is growing.



March 3, 2015

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