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Student Review (Becoming a Dream Warrior)

Prior to taking this course, I didn’t know what to expect exactly.

“Dream Warrior”….somehow that name intrigued me and I deeply felt that I would be a part of a unique training, to help me develop “skill”, “courage” and “discipline”, some of the main attributes of what makes a warrior a warrior.

My feelings were correct. I have never taken a training course like this before. I have been a practitioner and priestess of other traditions for many years, and have learned more applicable knowledge in this course, than I have in those systems. Participating in this course and studying with Chief Amachi has empowered me in areas where many other courses and teachers failed, and that is in the area of teaching the “science” behind the mechanics.

In my past experiences, for example, I was only slightly taught mechanics, such as memorizing the meanings of how certain shells fall in divination. An integral part of what was missing in that process is the part about connecting to the Spirits, to turn a situation of one just casting shells onto a mat, into a real dialogue with the Spirits to receive meaningful messages.

The course was well structured and interactive. The ritual was a beautiful experience, and I started to have dreams that I could remember from that point on. I, along with the other students, were advised to keep a dream journal to record dreams upon waking. I have done this, and am constantly adding to my journal to create my own lore, as Chief Amachi advised.
I am completely amazed by how much the Spirits have interacted with me, how much I remember, and how my spiritual sight is starting to grow.

This course is a MUST for anyone wishing to improve their communication with Spirit. I have experienced for myself that the Spirits use our dream state and imagination to commune with us, because it is in those states, where we let go of many of our left brain thoughts that can sometimes be limitations in Spirit communication. In dreams, one can do marvelous feats, the imagination allows us to do, or be, or see anything we want…..so this is obviously the easiest way for them to talk to us. It is also, at least for me at this stage in my life, the most comfortable, thus allowing me to be more receptive.

In many of my dreams, I have been in a school or classroom – I was being schooled by the Spirits. My spirit teachers have come to me in the form of friends, coworkers, teachers, music, animals, and other forms. What I can proudly say is that any statements that I make about communicating with Spirits in the dream state, are statements that come from my own experiences. One of the things that makes this course so memorable, is that we are not learning to just become parrots and speak only from someone else’s truth, but are actually gaining experiences to allow us to speak from a point of knowing.

Another part of this course involved us talking to the Spirits when applying the pomade and burning the herbs, to ask for things such as clarity and remembrance, and asking questions in our waking state as well. The Spirits are so amazing and “cool”. I am a creative person, I love music and play music in my spare time. I have a vivid imagination as well, so they also use animals and sound (sometimes in the form of music) some of the things I love most, to commune with me.

Thank you Chief Amachi for bringing this wisdom to us.



March 3, 2015

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