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Student Review (Becoming a Dream Warrior)

I honestly do not know where to start. There were times during this course where I felt the other students may have thought I was making the dreams up, but they were having such experiences also that I do hope they believed me. I honestly do not know how Chief Amachi sleeps at night with all of this rich, wonderful priceless knowledge inside of him.

I am so glad I have found home and am looking forward to how the patterns in the dreams will emerge.

With every answered question, I have four more, which will keep me tuned in to IIKDS and I hope to continue to take classes in order to discover who I am, what my purpose is and how I can align myself with Spirit so that I can truly live and help others to do the same. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone who wants to leave the darkness and begin walking in true life and light and in the power of the ancestors and the African/Native American culture.

I am extremely grateful that Chief Amachi reached out to the public to share this knowledge because many of us were hoping and wondering when the void would be filled and I am more convinced more now than ever that we have not even touched the surface. In this dream class I have learned that there are definitely Gods among us and when you look at me, you see one of them.

Peace, life and love!



March 3, 2015

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