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Student Review (Becoming a Dream Warrior)

For the dreamer this is an excellent course!

Often times I pondered about some of the events that occurred in my dream state that were left unexplained not really understanding the hidden meaning in the symbology of the dream. Learning the ways of the indigenous view on dreaming definitely opened a portal in the mind. It brought new life and a deeper meaning to the dream state.

I experienced a heightened state of sensitivity that came with the sacred herbs and a naturally blended pomade combined with a ritual. The combination propelled my experience and redefined the importance of the messages in the dream state. I experienced contact with spirit guides, teaching and sending me warnings and messages of future events played out through different scenarios things that I would typically brush off. The daily ritual has definitely put me in a rhythm that allowed me to maintain focus and a consistent state of observation of how the spirit communicates. I never knew there was a structured science on recording and observing the dream state.

It was nice to interact with the group it was a very friendly environment and also gave me a chance to experience my fellow students visions and dreams. Chief Amachi is an excellent teacher he’s very passionate about his work and extremely knowledgeable sharing profound indigenous information with deep insight. Chief Amachi has definitely opened my eyes to the art of observation and brought a new meaning to the subtle movement I experienced while in the dream state.

The online site was very easy to navigate through and someone was always there to answer any questions you had pertaining to the online University. Great lectures from Chief Amachi and excellent questions from my fellow students kept me pretty active and involved in my work. I would recommend this class as a mandatory lesson for any one on their journey for the enhancement of their spiritual growth.




March 3, 2015

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