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Women Healers Society

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In all cultures women have always traditionally been healers. Healing, traditionally was the responsibility of the women in every society.  Women were the caretakers, midwives, pharmacists, psychologists, and doctors.  Healing has long been connected with faith, belief, spirit, family support, the web of everyday life, and altered states of consciousness.  Healing involves bringing together ones mind, body, and spirit together as one.


Product Description

In this course students will receive the following;

  • Spiritual Bath, incense, and other products (talismans, charms, amulets) made and prepared by  NMA DINBERIMA
  • Personal instructions from the NMA DINBERIMA
  • Spiritual tools (Charms, talisman, etc.)


A quote by the NMA DINBERIMA

“Before you can be a healer in this society you must be able to protect yourself against spiritual retaliation. For example if you heal someone of a spiritual sickness and that sickness has been caused by a powerful person. they may try to retaliate and attack you for healing the sickness the caused. As a healer you must be able to defend yourself in these situations.”

Student that are a part of this society will get assistance from the NMA DINBERIMA in all aspects of healing. This society will support its members any way it can.







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