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Mami Wata


Product Description

This initiatory course includes

  1. An overview of oral lore, implications, and applications of the initiatory course.



  1. Purification, and empowerment rituals; “Ja-Ra Ja Ra’s” which are traditional rituals designed to direct nature, and the Gods of your ancestors in nature to open doors, cleanse, remove obstacles,



  1. Ceremonial construction of personal Mami Wata shrines and spiritual baths. Each student will receive secret components of sacred trees and materials to construct their spiritual baths and personal shine.


  1. In addition, this initiation includes the formulation of Mami Wata spirit medicine that will be used in collaboration with your personal shrine and bathing rituals.


  1. Further this initiatory course include the creation of spirit incense designed to foster the connection necessary to communicate with Mami Wata spirits in dream time, enhancing prophetic awareness, increasing intuition, promote prosperity and Attraction and much more.





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