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Preventive Spiritual Maintenance: 30 Day


PSM 30-Days feature 2 divinations along with a preventive spiritual care package sent to you. This is just a one-time charge and will not renew unless you choose another plan.

Please Note:

A) There is a shipping and handling cost for ritual items sent to you. For products shipped internationally, shipping costs will be assessed at time of shipment, and you will be sent notification of charges to pay prior to shipment.

B) This subscription is non-refundable and if cancelled prior to completion of the subscription period, the total fees are due and payable.

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Product Description

IIKDS recognizes that “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”. A PSM subscription offers monthly investigations to detect and correct undesirable situations or conditions before they develop into major issues. PSM is really for smart, progressive, strategic- minded individuals seeking to stay ahead by avoiding the consequences of failures, obstacles and undesirable conditions before they actually occur.



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