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Pilgrimage to Ghana (Payment Plan)

$500.00 / 25 days

Students embarking on the Cultural Reemergence Pilgrimage to Ghana will be enrolled in the first quarter (three months) of the IIKDS Master’s Certificate in Spiritual Care.

For students not pursuing the year-long certificate program, this will serve as an Elective course.

Please Note: This course includes spiritual materials shipped to each student in addition to tools received during the trip to Ghana. Shipping charges will be added at checkout.

Non-US residents, please select International Delivery and you will be notified of charges once your shipment has been prepared.

Read more about the Master’s Program Cultural Reemergence Pilgrimage to Ghana

If you would like to make payment arrangements for this trip, enter a deposit amount in the field below. You may enter any amount, above $500. You will be sent an invoice for future payments every month.

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