IIKDS University of Traditional Sciences

Nature Identity Mentorship Program ( 12-MONTHS)

$500.00 / month with a sign-up fee of $50.00

Each month, you will be mentored by elders from West Africa in different aspects of spiritual development. They will be your personal guides and teachers, with the assistance of Chief Amachi as the US representative, translator and Tindanna. You will receive:

  • Live remote instruction (distance learning) from the elders in West Africa
  • Spiritual supplies and tools custom-made by your elder mentor sent directly to you
  • Extended support from Chief Amachi
  • Ritual instruction
  • Private discussion forum exclusively for students
  • Ongoing mentoring on a monthly basis.

This mentorship program is valued over $15,000.00! 

Please Note:

A. Products included in the course are shipped internationally. A minimum fee of $20 is charged at checkout. Actual shipping costs will be assessed at time of shipment, and you will be sent notification of additional charges to pay prior to shipment.

B. As part of tradition, there is a Kola (energy exchange), a one-time charge of $50, which is an offering to the Elders as a formal introduction for each student.

C. This subscription is non-refundable and if cancelled prior to completion of the subscription period, the total fees are due and payable.

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