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African Mystery Series Part 1



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The African mysteries series is a course where you will learn how to collect spiritual medicine in the same way as the Tindanna (land lords of the herbalists).

For the first time I will personally instruct a select group of enrolled student the ancient ways of collecting spiritual medicine, creating shrines, spiritual tool, and more. For those of you who have always wanted to know how to collect spiritual herbs, create spiritual medicine, create spiritual tools, create spiritual shrines, and much more this course is for you. I will be giving this class live on video while in the northern regions of Ghana.  Student will watch videos (that I will record live in Ghana) of myself Chief Amachi and others walking in the bush showing you step by step the secrets the TINDANNA. Moreover I will give you details observations that will give you the knowledge of how to collect and create this medicine wherever you are. Even further there will be live teleconference calls while with “surprise guest elders” in addition private video interviews with elders and much more in this course.


This means by the end of these two courses you will be able to identify spiritual trees, collect spiritual herbs, and create spiritual baths, spiritual tools, medicines, shrines, and much more.



The first course will cover:

  1. Preparation ceremonies (Naming and purification ceremony)
  2. What spiritual trees to look for
  3. How to properly collect the roots from these trees
  4. How to combined roots to create spiritual formulas
  5. How to purify the herbs to give them power to work for you
  6. Spiritually engineering and the creation of spiritual baths ( this section additionally cover the bathing rituals, observation, and more)
  7. How to create spiritual medicines (these are medicines that can be eaten and applied to the body for additional power)
  8. Private video interviews with elders
  9. live teleconference calls

The second course will cover:

  1. Preparation ceremonies
  2. How to combine herbs to create your shrine
  3. How to create spiritual SABILI (talismans)
  4. How to create spiritual belts
  5. How to create spiritual KANI (arm bands)
  6. How to create spiritual incense
  7. How to up keep your shrine and spiritual tools
  8. video interviews of elders
  9. live teleconference calls




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