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The IIKDS UNIVERSITY OF TRADITIONAL SCIENCES is excited to present for the first time to the West, the hidden secrets of the Nabihi (Royals), the Baga-Na (chief diviners/ soothsayers ), the Jinwaraba (queens of witches) and the Tindan-Na (chief landlords of the spirits, priest kings and priestess/queens) as practiced for thousands of years by the Dogomba people of West Africa.

The NATURE IDENTITY METHOD™ is the key to the mysteries of ancient Africa, revealed for the first time by Chief Amachi Apetor Buaru, chief priest of the warriors and land lord of the spirits and herbalist, successor of Chief Apetor Buaru, chief of the warriors and landlord of the spirits and herbalist from the royal family of Dagbon.


In simple terms, NATURE IDENTITY is the traditional practice of the Nabihi (royal clans of Dagbon) by way of their ancestors, the Neb/Nebihi (masters) who migrated from the Eastern Sahara of Egypt to the Western Sahara into the kingdom of Ghana to preserve the ways of the Nyaba (ancient grandfathers and grandmothers) from colonial influence impacting Africa.

Listen to Chief Amachi as he offers a brief explanation of some of the principles of the NATURE IDENTITY METHOD™ —


Nature Identity and the science of TIMM and BUKATAA, is a science that is said to have been given to the ancient grandfathers and grandmothers by the gods themselves to resurrect them back to the Wunonam (the god of our ancestors in nature). This was done with the knowledge of traditional medicine and magic ,”Tima”, and the world soul and spirit powers of the earth, “Bukataa”.

Nature Identity is the science of retrieving one’s star (Noliwuni), personal god or soul, spiritual power and magical abilities from nature through knowledge of the land, its lifeforms, inhabitants and the hidden movement of the gods of the ancestors in nature.

The NATURE IDENTITY METHOD™ is the ancient spiritual practice where nature is the laboratory and temple. This allows the traditional scientist, diviner, Tinbihi (child of the land), the Tindana (land priest and priestess) and shamans to access causal phenomena in nature to produce results often seen as magical, miraculous and supernatural.

As a student of IIKDS University of Traditional Sciences, you will be initiated into the NATURE IDENTITY METHOD™ and the science of TIMM and BUKATAA, which are the ways of the Nyaba who preserved the integrity and wisdom of nature identity by passing it from mouth to ear, generation to generation.

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