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Nature Identity Mentorship Program

Facilitated by Chief Amachi, featuring Elders in the International Association of Traditional Sciences

There are many spiritual seekers who have taken a class after class, workshop after workshop; who have spent countless hours reading books, listening to recordings of spiritual teachers, in essence, spending thousand of dollars to develop their spiritual skills from those who claim to have the secrets to becoming clairvoyant, intuitive or psychic or to gain spiritual enlightenment.

 Are you one of these people?

 The science of Timm (traditional medicine) and Bukataa (the world soul and spirit powers of the earth), affirms that abilities such as intuition, clairvoyance and psychic abilities are all attributes, characteristics and personalities that extend from the life and mind of the Earth. And, through the knowledge of Nature Identity and the science of Timm and Bukataa, these characteristics and powers can be created and grafted to your physiological and mental nature through ceremonial rituals.

 Are the methodologies and disciplines of many esoteric practices effective?

 Absolutely!  However the process is often extremely slow, and in most cases the effects are not permanent if not practiced on a daily basis. Nature Identity and the science of Timm and Bukataa results in permanent development of intuition, inner sight, clairvoyance, sensory perception, precognition and other psychic abilities that are often seen as magical, miraculous and supernatural.

 Let me explain further.

 As a Tindaana (landlord of the spirits and herbalist), I am here to reintroduce you to the lost practice of acquiring spiritual powers and psychic abilities from NATURE itself. The science of Nature Identity that has been kept secret for thousands of years, has proven to be an effective and permanent means of acquiring or developing spiritual abilities through a connection to nature. This knowledge, over time, has produced many of the traditional practices known in the Diaspora as hoodoo, African-American folk magic and the like.

 The science of Timm and Bukataa allows you to retrieve your Star (Noliwuni), which translates as your “personal god or soul, spiritual power, and magical abilities from nature”. This is done through the secret knowledge of the earth, landforms, and its natural physical features such as rivers, mountains, forests, valleys, plains, etc., as well as the lifeforms, inhabitants of the earth, and the hidden movements of the gods of the ancestors in nature.  (refer to ancestral consciousness article)  One of the greatest secrets has always been your connection to nature as the TRUE source of your spiritual powers and psychic abilities.

Read more about developing spiritual abilities here.

Even further, these abilities go beyond mere sensory perception, inner sight or clairvoyance and other psychic abilities. They are a direct connection to the higher realities of nature, the heavens, often referenced in religious literature and lore. Thus, according to the traditional teachings of Nature Identity, the connection to nature and the cultivation of these abilities are the very key to the doorway of the Gods (or whatever name you call on).

 Are you ready to develop yourself spiritually, reconnect to nature, and enter the magical world from which legends were created?

 The elders in the IIKDS International Association of Traditional Sciences have foretold that the season has come to reintroduce the children of the earth to the roots of their spiritual powers, connection to nature and the Gods.  The IIKDS International Association of Traditional Sciences is a network of traditional African fetish priest/priestess, (by many names), historians, healers, botanical and pharmaceutical experts from West Africa who provide support to members and students of IIKDS.

 Now for the first time, these elders who are the loyal caretakers of ancient indigenous African secrets, are ready to reveal this knowledge to the children of the Diaspora. They are ready and waiting to reintroduce their lost children to the root and history of their practices, the secret science of Timm and Bukataa (traditional medicine, roots, magic and the world soul and spirit powers of the earth).

You are invited to sit in the circle with these elders in this unprecedented opportunity, brought to you exclusively by IIKDS. During this unique program facilitated by IIKDS, we will bring these elders to you, in the comfort of your home, so that you may learn, grow and develop your spiritual and psychic abilities from a traditional perspective.

You will not have to travel to Africa (although that option will be made available in the near future), so you will save tremendously on travel, room and board, and time of from your daily activities or work. IIKDS has worked diligently to make this opportunity possible through the International Association of Traditional Sciences. All that is needed is your commitment to learn and grow with the elders.

 We have created the IIKDS Nature Identity Mentorship Program to bring these teachings to you. The mentorship program will focus on five key areas of spiritual development:

  1.  Spiritual abilities (spiritual sight, precognition, clairvoyance, intuition and other psychic abilities)
  2.  Spiritual Protection and Defense
  3. Spiritual Influence
  4. Healing and Cleansing
  5. Ancestral and Spirit communication


The Nature Identity Mentorship Program is available as a monthly subscription in which students may elect to sit with the elders from three months to an entire year. Each of these elders are renowned in their communities as masters in their field and will bring deep insights and knowledge to advance you on your spiritual path. The small monthly subscription fee provides support to these elders to teach you, to prepare the products sent to you, and most importantly, to perform rituals on your behalf. They are totally dedicated to your spiritual growth!

Each month, you will be mentored by these elders in different aspects of spiritual development. They will be your personal guides and teachers, with the assistance of Chief Amachi as the US representative, translator and Tindanna. To get started in the Nature Identity Awakening Mentorship Program, you must have completed the Becoming a Dream Warrior and the Ancestral Consciousness & Communication courses. The elders will not be teaching you the basics of spirit communication taught in these foundational courses, therefore they are required to enter the mentorship program. Following that, you have the option of enrolling in the mentorship program with a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription on an open enrollment basis, meaning, you may start at any time.

 With your subscription you will receive:

  • Live remote instruction (distance learning) from the elders in West Africa
  • Spiritual supplies and tools custom-made by your elder mentor sent directly to you
  • Extended support from Chief Amachi
  • Ritual instruction
  • Private discussion forum exclusively for students
  • Ongoing mentoring on a monthly basis (based on your subscription).


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March 7, 2015

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