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Dagomba princess
Dagomba princess

The International Indigenous Knowledge and Development Society (IIKDS) is an institution with the mission to observe, preserve, develop and transmit indigenous spiritual teachings to the Western world. We strive to maintain continuity of traditional spiritual practices, history and cultural identity of pre-colonial people and societies for future generations.

Additionally, IIKDS implements and supports the development of local, self-governing institutions and leaders designed to provide spiritual care to local communities modeled by the Nature Identity Method pioneered by IIKDS.

Furthering our mission, IIKDS Graduate Studies Program at the University of Traditional Sciences offers a structured educational path in the areas of traditional spiritual medicine there by reestablishing the validity of traditional epistemology, and re-instituting this knowledge within community.

 IIKDS began with a vision of an African elder, Chief Apetor (landlord of the spirits and herbalist, chief of the warriors from the royal family of Dagbon ) and the council of elders, who felt the urgency to preserve their dying culture, wisdom and teachings. Chief Apetor (who has since transitioned to the ancestral realm) charged his apprentice, Chief Amachi, to return to the West and share this knowledge with the descendants of Africans in America.

Below is a recording of Chief Apetor who speaks about the study of indigenous knowledge. This is part of our media archives, dated from the initial launch of the Indigenous Knowledge Studies (IKS) program.



Chief Apetor conveyed to Chief Amachi that the wisdom and culture would be lost unless he accepted the mission to preserve, disseminate and reconnect Africans in the Diaspora to the traditions of their ancestral land. It was clear to the elder and Amachi that in order for Africans to survive world-wide, Africa’s children in the West would have to be taught the indigenous ways of their ancestors before the traditions were allowed to fade out of existence forever. So imperative was this goal, that Chief Amachi was told that if he didn’t take this responsibility, he would no longer be able to study with the elder in the village.

So began the Indigenous Knowledge Studies program which has now become the International Indigenous Knowledge & Development Society.

IIKDS is pleased to present the first and only Graduate Studies Program in indigenous science featuring the Nature Identity Method.

We are also excited to connect our students, graduates and members with traditional elders from the continent of Africa as part of the International Association of Traditional Sciences which is a network of fetish priests and priestesses, healers, teachers and elders in West Africa who provide support to IIKDS members.  Membership in the association provides:

  • exclusive access to hundreds of powerful traditional medicine men and women
  • access to thousands of spiritual medicines, spiritual tools and fetishes
  • validity of an authentic education in traditional science as many of our graduate courses are taught by specialists elders in West Africa who are authorities in specific fields of spiritual medicine.



Below are audio recordings of talks with Elders and Chief Amachi. Our archives contain a wealth of information on the study of indigenous knowledge, much of which comes from the mouth of elders in West Africa.



Amachi calls Apetor (landlord of the spirits)

The Myeea of Fire

Interview with the Queen of the Witches

Interview with a Master

Amachi talks about the spirits

Q&A with Amachi & Apetor

Amachi speaks to the Boogheya Elder of traditional witchcraft

Amachi with Chief Jonfu & Chief Apetor

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